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Two Volume Set: Butterworths Employment Law Handbook 2017 & Tolley's Employment Handbook 2017

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Author(s): Peter Wallington, Mrs Justice Slade, Members of 11 KBW Chambers, Sarah Bradford, Dominic Regan;
Classification(s): Employment & labour law;
ISBN-13: Z000050728278
Publication Date: 30 Jun 2017
Availability: In Print
Free Stock: In Stock
Publisher: LexisNexis
Publication Country: United Kingdom
Binding / Product Type: Paperback
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Butterworths Employment Law Handbook is published annually. Cross-references are also provided to Harvey on Industrial Relations and Employment Law. This work is a portable, up-to-date reference source that is an essential and easy-to-use tool for all employment practitioners.

Tolley's Employment Handbook is designed to assist you with every query you may have on routine subjects, such as maternity benefits and recruitment, and to provide expert guidance on more sensitive areas of the law such as sex discrimination and redundancy.

The 31st edition is up-to-date with all recent changes in employment law and will help you understand exactly how these developments affect you, your company, your employees or your clients.




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