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Resales of Restricted Securities (Subscription)

Our Price: £938.00  (2017 Edition, March 2017)
Subscription Type: Pay As You Go
Classification(s): Sale of goods law;
Product Code: WEST09
Publisher Ref: 14552716
Frequency: 1 Bound Volume(s) per year
Publisher: Thomson Reuters
Binding / Product Type: Book
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In Resales of Restricted Securities renowned author J. William Hicks alerts you to judicial, legislative, and administrative developments that have an impact on clients relevant to public, private, and extraterritorial resales. Use the interpretations and guidance found in the text to help clients avoid legal traps that could trigger financial malpractice suits. Topics include:

The transaction concept and theoretical foundations for the regulation of resales
Identifying troublesome resales
Public resales and Rule 144
Public and private resales and Rule 144(k)
Private resales and Section 4(1*)
Private resales and Rule 144A
Extraterritorial resales and Rule 904 of Regulation S


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2017 Edition March 2017 £938.00



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