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American Law Reports (Subscription)

Our Price: £379.00  (Digest 17-18PP + Volume 17, October 2017)
Subscription Type: Pay As You Go
Classification(s): Laws of Specific jurisdictions;
Product Code: TPPU01
Frequency: IR Bound Volume(s) per year
Publisher: Thomson Reuters
Binding / Product Type: Law Report
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American Law Reports (ALR) delivers an objective, in-depth analysis of your specific legal issue, together with a complete list of every case - in every jurisdiction - that discusses it.

With thousands of attorney-authored articles covering the entire breadth of U.S. law, ALR saves you time by taking you deeper on a topic, faster. WestlawNext makes it easy to find the exact ALR article you need - and then links you to every other on-point resource.

Use ALR to:

Quickly get up to speed in an unfamiliar area of law.

Locate all relevant caselaw in one easy step.

Answer and advise with confidence.

Determine which cases are controlling and understand why.


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Digest 17-18PP + Volume 17 October 2017 £379.00



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