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Money Laundering Bulletin (Subscription)

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Subscription Type: Anniversary Renewal
Classification(s): Fraud; Financial law;
Product Code: MONI24
ISSN: 1462-141X
Frequency: 10 Online Service(s); 10 Part(s); 10 PDF(s) per year
Publisher: Informa UK Plc
Binding / Product Type: Journal
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Money Laundering Bulletin brings you the latest news on money laundering, terrorist and proliferation finance, sanctions programme regulation, law, methods, trends and policing – allowing you to develop strategies and tactics to prevent, detect and report suspicious activity.

Money Laundering Bulletin helps you stay up-to-date with current initiatives, issues, legal, regulatory and practical developments, in preventing, monitoring, identifying, and reporting suspicious activity.

As Money Laundering Reporting Officers in the UK face personal liability for not operating effective AML controls, it’s critical to manage this risk, and safeguard your organisation – and yourself.




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