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Education Law Monitor (Subscription)

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Subscription Type: Anniversary Renewal
Classification(s): Education & the law;
Product Code: MONI18
ISSN: 1353-1646
Frequency: 10 Newsletter(s); 10 PDF(s) per year
Publisher: Singlelaw
Binding / Product Type: Newsletter
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Education Law Monitor provides practical advice relevant to all education professionals, covering a wide range of topics such as admissions, exclusions, Special Educational Needs, disability, negligence, LEA policy and many more.

Education Law Monitor digests the month's decisions emanating from the courts, spanning all aspects of the law as it affects educators, students, parents and local authorities.

With Education Law Monitor you will benefit from:

Practical advice relevant to all education professionals
Reports on the latest judgments and analysis of important case law and statutes
The latest information on all aspects of education law, including admissions, exclusions, special educational needs, disability, negligence and LEA policy
Jargon-free interpretation and analysis
This publication is relevant to schools, colleges, universities, education lawyers and LEAs.




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