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Leasing Life (Subscription)

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Subscription Type: Anniversary Renewal
Classification(s): International finance; Financial law;
Product Code: LEAS01
ISSN: 1351-3826
Frequency: 1 Online Service(s); 12 Part(s); 12 PDF(s) per year
Publisher: Timetric Ltd
Binding / Product Type: Journal
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A must-read for anyone involved in financing equipment throughout Europe. Leasing Life (LL) provides essential insight and analysis across the breadth of the industry. Covering both bank and manufacturer funded asset finance across all asset classes, LL offers comprehensive, exclusive and intelligent coverage through in-depth market profiles, statistical analysis and up-to-the-minute news stories. 
Our journalists and sector experts will help you keep your finger on the pulse of the industry with daily web updates, breaking news alerts and exclusive market data. Our cross-sector analysis, case studies and senior-level interviews place Leasing Life as the top leasing industry journal in Europe. Leasing Life also helps lead the debate face to face, through its networking roundtables, awards and conferences.




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