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Commonwealth Statutes Annotations (Subscription)

Our Price: £1,037.00  (2017, January 2018)
Subscription Type: Pay As You Go
Classification(s): Laws of Specific jurisdictions;
Product Code: LAWBK4
Frequency: 02 Part(s) per year
Publisher: Thomson Reuters (Prof.) Australia Ltd
Binding / Product Type: Law Report
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Commonwealth Statutes Annotations is a quick and easy research tool to navigate Commonwealth Acts.

It provides notes to principal Commonwealth Acts and some Regulations and Rules of Court. These notes include assent and commencement details for the Principal Act, information about the Department responsible for the administration of the Principal Act (if applicable), references to articles and cases, regulations and rules made under the Principal Act since the latest reprint, as well as judges' opinions on specific provisions.

The service also contains Tables of Numbered Acts, Bills and Proclaimed Legislation, in addition to quarterly cumulative supplements to ensure you have the latest information on Commonwealth legislation.


Release Date Price
2017 January 2018 £1,037.00



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