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Legal Aspects of Doing Business in Africa (Subscription)

Our Price: £42.00  (2nd Edition Release 6 2018, June 2018)
Subscription Type: Pay As You Go
Classification(s): International business; Commercial law;
Product Code: JURI07
Publisher Ref: 9781578232925
Frequency: 1 Print Item(s) per year
Publisher: Juris Publishing
Binding / Product Type: Loose Leaf
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Legal Aspects of Doing Business in Africa - 2nd Edition provides coverage for 28 jurisdictions in Africa on the requirements and considerations for doing business and investing in African countries, prepared by local attorneys with expertise in business transactions. Practical insights are offered on general conditions for conduct of business, business registrations, investment incentives, currency regulation, establishment of enterprises, principal business organizations, important considerations for choosing a form of business, formation of business procedures, acquisition of enterprises, acquisition of realty, guidelines for foreign transactions, import and export regulations, exchange controls, credit and security, taxation, customs regulation, competition law, and intellectual property law.


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2nd Edition Release 6 2018 June 2018 £42.00



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