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Industrial Relations Law Reports (Subscription)

Our Price: £1,620.00 
Subscription Type: Anniversary Renewal
Classification(s): Industrial relations; Employment & labour law;
Product Code: INDV02
Publisher Ref: IRLR
Frequency: 12 Part(s) per year
Publisher: Lexis Nexis
Binding / Product Type: Law Report
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Throughout the UK, Industrial Relations Law Reports (IRLR) is the most widely read and frequently cited series of reports on employment law. Every month, thousands of legal and personnel specialists rely on it for up-to-date and accurate full-text law reports.

An Industrial Relations Law Reports subscription gives you:

Fast coverage of employment case law - cases are normally reported in IRLR ahead of other employment case law publications

Selectivity - Industrial Relations Law Reports includes only the most significant employment law cases, so that you don't waste your time reading through cases that take the law no further

Penetrating analysis - the highlights column picks out all the key points of the cases reported in each issue and analyses their implications

All subscribers to Industrial Relations Law Reports receive a copy of Unfair Dismissal - A Guide to the Relevant Case Law yearly as part of the subscription.




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