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Greens Complete Periodical Service (Subscription)

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Subscription Type: Annual Renewal (January 1st)
Classification(s): Courts & procedure;
Product Code: GREE01
Publisher Ref: 0265-61WG
Frequency: 03 Bound Volume(s); 83 Newsletter(s); 67 Part(s); 02 Print Item(s) per year
Publisher: W. Green
Binding / Product Type: Journal
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Comprising of Scots Law Times (40 newsletters and 2 Bound Volumes), Greens Weekly Digest (43 newsletters) and Current Law Service 'A' (includes 12 Monthly Digests (Parts), 1 Year Book (Bound Volume), 1 Case Citator (Print), 1 Legislation Citator (Print), 12 Statutes (Parts)) 

The weekly newspaper for the Scottish lawyer is required and stimulating reading. Articles; news; full reports of cases in all Scottish courts and Scottish decisions in the House of Lords. Includes a bound volume service containing all the year's issues.

Greens Weekly Digest digests all judicial decisions received by Greens, providing you with early information in case law. Coverage includes decisions from: the Court of Session, the High Court of Justiciary, the House of Lords and Privy Council in Scottish Appeals, the Scottish Land Court and Lands Tribunal, and the Sheriff Court.

(a) Full Service - contains cases, statutes, circulars, tribunal decisions, statements of government policy. Covers the whole of the UK and carries a European section.




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