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CCH Practical Benefits and Expenses Manual (Subscription)

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Classification(s): Finance & accounting; Management accounting & bookkeeping; Personnel & human resources management; Taxation & duties law;
Product Code: CCHE09
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Publisher: Wolters Kluwer (UK) Limited
Binding / Product Type: Loose Leaf
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Practical Benefits and Expenses Manual is a comprehensive guide to the complex rules governing the taxation of benefits in kind, helping you to stay compliant and avoid potentially costly errors. It contains detailed commentary on all benefits and expenses with worked examples, planning points and pitfalls which are extensively cross-referenced to legislation and HMRC guidance.

Key features:
Updated regularly, the commentary comprises the following areas:

Key Data
The Legal Background
Travel and Subsistence
Employment-Related Loans
Cars and Related Benefits
Compensation Payments
A-Z Of Benefits and Expenses
HMRC Forms
HMRC Guidance and Concessions
The commentary consists of a broad coverage of the legal and regulatory requirements, including detailed coverage on self-assessment for employers and employees,followed by an A-Z analysis of each benefit, covering over 50 benefits in kind, from bank charges and childcare provision to training costs and vouchers of all kinds. The more complex benefits such as the taxation of cars, beneficial loans and living accommodation are dealt with in specific sections.

Each benefit is looked at from all angles, with statutory and case law references, full details of HMRC guidance as well as the author's own analytical commentary. The manual is practical throughout, not just showing the legal position but also demonstrating how pitfalls can be avoided and giving advice on tax planning angles wherever these arise.

The service also contains more than 40 checklists, the reproduction of all the relevant HMRC forms, and a final section devoted to HMRC guidance and concessions.

Just so you don't overlook any steps or miss any deadlines a timetable has been included to guide you through the PAYE/P11D year.




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