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Canadian Divorce Law and Practice (Subscription)

Our Price: £238.00  (2017 Release 11, January 2018)
Subscription Type: Pay As You Go
Classification(s): Laws of Specific jurisdictions; Family law: marriage & divorce;
Product Code: CARST1
Publisher Ref: 9780459389505
Frequency: 10 Print Item(s) per year
Publisher: Carswell
Binding / Product Type: Loose Leaf
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Most Divorce Act services give you little more than case summaries - focusing only upon the law of divorce and not the actual practice. The authors of Canadian Divorce Law and Practice keep the practitioner clearly in mind. Not only does this classic national work provide digests of thousands of divorce cases (organized under 300 specific subject headings), it also features the following elements designed for the practitioner:

• The full text of the Divorce Act and other related statutes
• Sample pleadings and precedents 
• All relevant provincial rules of practice and all prescribed forms
• A new volume covering extensive commentary on the Spousal Support Advisory Guidelines 
• A release program to ensure that the service is completely current.


Release Date Price
2017 Release 11 January 2018 £238.00



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