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Halsbury's Laws of England (Subscription)

Our Price: £1,404.00  (Cons Stat 2019 + Cons Tab of SIs 2019, September 2018)
Subscription Type: Pay As You Go
Classification(s): Primary sources of law;
Product Code: BUTTXX
Publisher Ref: 9781405734394
Frequency: IR Bound Volume(s) per year
Publisher: Lexis Nexis
Binding / Product Type: Book
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Halsbury's Laws of England provides the only complete narrative statement of the law in England and Wales.

Neatly alphabetised and organised according to subject area, Halsbury's Laws makes searching for statutes, tables and supporting materials quick and easy. Convenient annual and monthly updating services ensure the most up-to-date statements and explanations of the law, giving practitioners complete confidence in the advice they provide.

Rich in heritage, Halsbury's Law of England has proved its worth year after year to cement its reputation as the one and only encyclopaedia of law.


Release Date Price
Cons Stat 2019 + Cons Tab of SIs 2019 September 2018 £1,404.00



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