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The Digest (Subscription)

Our Price: £1,287.00  (Vol 8, Pt 3 + Vol 8, Pt 4 + Vol 8, Pt 5, May 2015)
Subscription Type: Pay As You Go
Classification(s): Primary sources of law;
Product Code: BUTTM1
Publisher Ref: 9780406899149
Frequency: IR Bound Volume(s) per year
Publisher: Lexis Nexis
Binding / Product Type: Law Report
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The Digest is an indispensable guide and index to reported cases. It offers an unrivalled source of case material with digests of over 500,000 cases drawn from a thousand different series of law reports covering a period from medieval times to the present day. It provides, in summary form, the whole case law of England and Wales, together with a considerable body of cases from the courts of Scotland, Ireland, Canada, Australia, New Zealand and other countries of the Commonwealth plus cases dealing with EU law. The Digest gives a concise statement of the effect of each case and enables the user to know where to look and what to expect to find, when the report itself is examined in full.

The Digest is the essential case companion to Halsbury's Laws of England, with a title classification and arrangement modelled on Halsbury's Laws, but providing the reader with more detail. The Digest may be described as a super-index to the Law Reports and, in fact, is the only index to the Law Reports 1865-1950. It is a vital source for British, Commonwealth and European cases as it covers all important points of principle and includes an annotated history of each case.

The complete Digest set consists of: 128 volumes; Consolidated Table of Cases (in three volumes); an Index (in three volumes); and an annual Cumulative Supplement (in three volumes).


Reissue Volumes: volumes are revised and reissued when necessary to take account of changes in law and practice. A number of Reissue volumes are published each year and are charged separately on publication.

Annual Cumulative Supplement: brings the work up-to-date to the end of the previous year and is charged separately on publication.

Index and Consolidated Table of Cases: revised annually and charged separately on publication.

Quarterly Survey: published to highlight recent developments and included in the subscription to the updating service.


Release Date Price
Vol 8, Pt 3 + Vol 8, Pt 4 + Vol 8, Pt 5 May 2015 £1,287.00



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