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Current Law Service (Subscription)

Our Price: £2,528.00 
Subscription Type: Annual Renewal (January 1st)
Classification(s): Courts & procedure;
Product Code: ASOB37
Frequency: 01 Bound Volume(s); 12 Part(s); 02 Print Item(s) per year
Publisher: Sweet & Maxwell
Binding / Product Type: Journal
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Also available in the following formats:

Formats Available
Service 'B' includes 12 Monthly Digests (Parts), 1 Year Book (Bound Volume), 1 Case Citator (Print), 1 Legislation Citator (Print)

Current Law Monthly Digest - provides a comprehensive round-up of the month's legal developments, including case law, legislation, SIs and Law Commission and Government papers. Entries are sorted into subject areas for straightforward search, and each abstract has its own two-line summary, to speed to research time. 

Current Law Yearbook - is an annual bound volume of the year's monthly digests, re-edited, restructured and updated. 

Current Law Case Citator - provides a quick reference guide to all case law since 1947 - showing if a case has ever been applied, considered, explained, approved, overruled or even refereed to. Publication is in paperback service for the years in hand. 

Current Law Legislation Citator - are comprised of the Statute Citator and the Statutory Instrument Citator, which pinpoint any changes made to legislation through Acts, SIs or judicial consideration. 




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