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Kemp & Kemp: Personal Injury Law, Practice and Procedure (Subscription)

Our Price: £2,113.20  inc. Tax (VAT): £352.20
Subscription Type: Anniversary Renewal
Classification(s): Civil procedure, litigation & dispute resolution; Offences against the person;
Product Code: ASCD11
Publisher Ref: KKPI-STAN
Frequency: 04 CD(s) per year
Publisher: Sweet & Maxwell
Binding / Product Type: CD(s)
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Formats Available
The CD also contains the information from Kemp & Kemp: Quantum of Damages. Please note this CD does not work on Macs. 

Based on Kemp & Kemp: TheQuantum of Damages, the CD-ROM:

Gives you all the commentary and case law from Kemp & Kemp: The Quantum of Damages, plus enhanced search functionality and tools

Helps you find relevant cases and prepare schedules of damages quickly and easily

Allows you to move from section to section using automatic electronic cross-referencing and then print, cut and paste selected information into a word processing document

Enables you to search across 4000 cases in MyCase, using search terms including keyword, level of damages, claimant's age or sex, injury classification, name of party or judge - greatly reducing the time required for your research

Contains calculators to work out Ogden Fatal and Nonfatal Multipliers, Adjustments for inflation, Heil v Rankin awards, Roberts v Johnstone awards and Net income Calculations

Offers the ability to add cases to the database, which can then be used to generate schedules of special damages

Provides you with a completely new and fully updated CD-ROM every four months




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