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Civil Court Service 2017 (Brown Book) (New edition)

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Author(s): Laws & Vincent;
Classification(s): Civil procedure, litigation & dispute resolution;
Readership / Audience Level: Professional & Vocational
ISBN-13: 9781784732493
ISBN-10: 1784732494
Publication Date: 31 Mar 2017
Imprint: Jordan Publishing Ltd
Availability: In Print
Free Stock: In Stock
Publisher: Jordan Publishing Ltd
Publication Country: United Kingdom
Binding / Product Type: Hardback + Supplement
Items: Contains Hardback and CD-ROM
Pages: 3072
Dimensions: W: 148 mm / H: 234 mm
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Civil Court Service (‘The Brown Book’) provides access to the full text of the CPR and all relevant materials in a single volume, combined with authoritative commentary from a team of leading judges and practitioners.

Under the Editorship of District Judge Graeme Smith, the Brown Book provides concise, relevant commentary to practitioners who need fast and reliable answers to procedural matters in the civil courts.

Civil Court Service 2017 includes amendments to the CPR up to and including the 82nd Update. The 2016 edition has been substantially revised to incorporate:

  • Various changes to the CPR with expert commentary, including:
  • A revised PD5B dealing with electronic filing and communication and a new PD 51O introducing the new electronic working pilot scheme
  • New rule 3.1A dealing with cases involving unrepresented parties
  • Amendments to Part 47 setting out new requirements for breakdown of costs and a new Precedent Q
  • Amended Pre-Action Protocols
  • General updates to take account of recent case-law such as:
  • Thevarajah v Riorden [2015] UKSC 78 on relief from sanctions
  • Alpha Rocks Solicitors v Alade [2015] EWCA Civ 685 on misconduct
  • Changes to housing legislation brought about by the Deregulation Act 2015
  • Latest versions of Court Guides including the new fourth edition of the Queen’s Bench Court Guide and the Chancery Guide 2016
  • Courts’ Directory, providing up-to-date contact details for all courts




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