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Judicial Review 3e: a Practical Guide (3rd Revised edition)

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Author(s): Southey, Weston & Bunting;
Classification(s): Judicial review;
Readership / Audience Level: Professional & Vocational
ISBN-13: 9781784730963
ISBN-10: 1784730963
Publication Date: 25 Sep 2017
Imprint: Jordan Publishing Ltd.
Availability: In Print
Free Stock: In Stock
Publisher: Jordan Publishing Ltd.
Publication Country: United Kingdom
Binding / Product Type: Paperback
Pages: 648
Dimensions: W: 156 mm / H: 246 mm
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This edition includes:

  • Development of the Unified Tribunal system with transfers of judicial reviews
  • Regionalisation of Administrative Court
  • Clear development of mistake of fact as a mistake of law
  • Increasing understanding of the impact of the Human Rights Act
  • Limitations upon judicial review in the context of immigration
  • Ongoing case-law developments
  • Changes to Appeals (CPR Pt 52)
  • Developments in costs and funding
In addition to the authors’ commentary, Judicial Review: A Practical Guide contains over 20 precedents covering all aspects of the litigation process, together with all the main legislative and judicial materials.




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