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Practical Guide To Family Proceedings 6e (6th Revised edition)

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Author(s): Blomfield, Brooks, Buckley & Robinson;
Classification(s): Family law;
Series: Bloomsbury Family Law
Readership / Audience Level: Professional & Vocational
ISBN-13: 9781526501776
ISBN-10: 1526501775
Publication Date: 31 Jan 2018
Imprint: Bloomsbury Professional
Availability: In Print
Free Stock: In Stock
Publisher: Bloomsbury Professional
Publication Country: United Kingdom
Binding / Product Type: Paperback
Pages: 1432
Dimensions: W: 156 mm / H: 248 mm
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Are you concerned about falling foul of the pitfalls across the spectrum of modern family proceedings? Established as a straightforward, easy-to-follow handbook of procedure, A Practical Guide to Family Proceedings: Blomfield and Brooks offers step-by-step guidance on the effective conduct of all the most common types of family law application. Fully revised and restructured in line with the changes resulting from the creation of the Family Court, the new Sixth Edition includes: -Coverage of the updated procedure for Presumption of Death applications - New chapters covering jurisdiction in children proceedings, public law for the private law practitioner, vulnerable witnesses and an introduction to appeals - Up to date with all recent amendments to the Family Procedure Rules Widely referred to within the Family Court, Principal Registry of the Family Division, other district registries and county courts, it is an essential reference work for family law practitioners whether as an aide-memoire for the hardpressed specialist or as an introduction for the less experienced.

Chapter 1: The Divorce Petition Chapter 2: Requirements on Issue of Petition Chapter 3: Procedure - From Issue of Petition to Application for Decree Nisi Chapter 4: Answer and Subsequent Pleadings Chapter 5: Judicial Involvement Leading to Decree Nisi Chapter 6: Decree Absolute Chapter 7: Concluding Applications Other than by Decree or Final Order Chapter 8: Other Matrimonial Decrees Chapter 9: Declaratory Decrees Chapter 10: Civil Partnership Chapter 11: Applications for a Financial Order with Proceedings under the Matrimonial Causes Act 1973 and the Civil Partnership Act 2004 Chapter 12: Other Financial Applications Chapter 13: Children and Financial Applications Chapter 14: Financial Applications Governed by the Civil Procedure Rules 1998 Chapter 15: Procedures for the Enforcement of Financial and Costs Orders Chapter 16: Reciprocal Enforcement of Maintenance Orders Chapter 17: Jurisdiction in Child Proceedings Chapter 18: Children - Private Law Issues Chapter 19: Enforcement of Children Act Orders Chapter 20: Locating the Whereabouts of a Child Chapter 21: Wardship and Child Abduction Chapter 22: Public Law for the Private Law Practitioner Chapter 23: Family Homes and Domestic Violence Chapter 24: Emergency Applications Chapter 25: Penal Notices, Undertakings and Committal Applications Chapter 26: Court Bundles Chapter 27: Expert Witnesses in Family Proceedings Chapter 28: Vulnerable Witnesses in Family Proceedings Chapter 29: Appeals Chapter 30: The Court Record Appendix A: Precedents and Forms Appendix B: Blood and DNA Tests Appendix C: Other Information Appendix D: Rules and Supplementary Practice Directions Appendix E: European Regulations


This invaluable practical guide, now in its sixth edition, is an established part of the essential material used in the Royal Courts of Justice, the Central Family Court and throughout the Family Court...The authors are to be congratulated for their clear and comprehensive exposition of the new position. I am pleased to commend it to practitioners both on and off the bench. -- Sir James Munby, President of the Family Division and Head of Family Justice * Foreword to the 6th Edition * This is an essential guide to everyday procedure in the family court and deserves a place in every practitioner's toolkit. Easily portable, it covers every aspect of the court process across the whole range of family proceedings, from divorce and financial remedies to private law and public law children, injunctions and committals and appeals...The guidance is set out in a readily accessible format, with clear references to source materials and is supplemented by forms and other practical information. The authority of the work reflects the extensive experience of its authors and I am pleased to commend it to all who practice in or may be involved with family proceedings. -- HH Judge Philip Waller CBE, Circuit Judge and formerly Senior District Judge of the Family Division * Review of 6th edition * ... procedure in family law is of the utmost importance ... this excellent book supports that principle with its easy and clear approach ... I commend it to both the practitioner and layman alike -- Charles Russell LLP * Review of a previous edition * will help practitioners avoid the vast majority of the most common pitfalls...Buy it. Use it. -- New Law Journal * Review of a previous edition * This briefcase friendly book is essential for the new practitioner and the old alike. Reliable, easy to use, it answers the questions which arise, some frequently and some only rarely, in a clear conciseway, reflecting the accumulated experience of the authors in the Principal Registry and the county courts -- Her Honour Judge Isobel Plumstead, Designated Family Judge and Deputy High Court Judge of the Family Division * Review of a previous edition * Procedure in family law is of the utmost importance. This excellent book supports that principle with its easy clear approach. I recommend it to both practitioner and layman alike -- Herbert Bennett F.Inst.L.Ex, Charles Russell LLP * Review of a previous edition * A brilliant 'how to do it' practical guide for the novice and eperienced practitioner alike. Everyone should have a copy as a first port of call... -- David Salter, Joint National Head of Family Law, Mills & Reeve LLP * Review of a previous edition *

Author Biography

District Judge Richard Robinson, Principal Registry of the Family Division District Judge Christopher Simmonds, District Judge of the Central Family Court Neil Hickman, former District Judge Joanne Thambyrajah, Secretary to Family Procedure Rule Committee

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A Practical Guide to Family Proceedings offers step-by-step guidance on the effective conduct of all the most common types of family law application.