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Multi-Party And Multi-Contract Arbitration In The Construction Industry

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Author(s): Kondev, Dimitar H.;
Classification(s): Contract law; Construction & engineering law; Arbitration, mediation & alternative dispute resolution;
Readership / Audience Level: Professional & Vocational
ISBN-13: 9781119251729
ISBN-10: 1119251729
Publication Date: 30 Mar 2017
Imprint: Wiley
Availability: In Print
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Publisher: Wiley
Publication Country: United States
Binding / Product Type: Hardback
Pages: 408
Dimensions: W: 175 mm / H: 245 mm
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Multi-Party and Multi-Contract Arbitration in the Construction Industry provides the first detailed review of multi-party arbitration in the international construction sector. Highly practical in approach, the detailed interpretation and assessment of the arbitration of multi-party disputes will facilitate understanding and decision making by arbitrators, clients and construction contractors.

About the Author x Foreword xi Preface xiii Acknowledgements xv List of Abbreviations xvi 1 Introduction 1
1.1 General background and research problem 1
1.2 Scope of the book, limitations and literature review 4
1.3 Sources used 6
1.4 Structure of the book 9
1.5 Aims and contribution of the book 10 2 Multi -Party Arbitration in General 11
2.1 Terminology notes 11
2.2 Legal techniques introducing multi -party arbitration 15
2.3 Advantages of multi -party arbitration 18
2.4 Obstacles to multi -party arbitration 21 3 The Need for Multi -Party Arbitration in the Construction Sector 31
3.1 Specifics of construction disputes and construction arbitration 31
3.2 Introduction to international standard form construction agreements 33
3.3 Contractual structures in construction projects 40
3.4 Parties interests in multi ]party arbitration 46 4 Multi -Party Arbitration Solutions under Arbitration Rules 60
4.1 ICC Rules 61
4.2 CEPANI Rules 71
4.3 LCIA Rules 77
4.4 UNCITRAL Rules 80
4.5 Swiss Rules 84
4.6 Rules adopted by the American Arbitration Association ( AAA ) 90
4.7 Vienna Rules 94
4.8 DIS Arbitration Rules 99
4.9 SCC Rules 100
4.10 DIA Rules 101
4.11 Arbitration rules in Asia 102
4.12 Concluding remarks regarding arbitration rules 115 5 Multi -Party Arbitration Solutions under Arbitration Laws 121
5.1 UNCITRAL Model Law 122
5.2 The United Kingdom 124
5.3 The Netherlands 129
5.4 Belgium 131
5.5 New Zealand 132
5.6 Hong Kong 133
5.7 Canada 137
5.8 Australia 138
5.9 Other countries 139
5.10 Multi -party arbitration in the United States 140
5.11 Should arbitration laws deal with multi -party arbitration? 158
5.12 Concluding remarks regarding arbitration laws 164 6 Contractual Solutions to Multi -Party Arbitration 167
6.1 FIDIC Conditions of Contract 169
6.2 Blue Form 175
6.3 JCT Contracts 208
6.4 ACA standard forms 223
6.5 NEC3 226
6.6 IChemE contracts 234
6.7 ICC contracts 237
6.8 PPC and SPC International 238
6.9 ENAA Model forms 240
6.10 AIA standard forms 242
6.11 ConsensusDocs 247
6.12 AB 92 and ABT 93 250
6.13 Concluding remarks regarding contractual approaches 252 7 Proposed Solutions 255
7.1 Jurisdictional approach 256
7.2 Abstract consensual approach 262
7.3 Proposed contractual solutions 264
7.4 Institutional approach 313 8 Conclusion 325 Table 1 Summary of Multi-Party Arbitration Provisions under the Reviewed Arbitration Rules 328 Table 2 Summary of Multi-Party Arbitration Provisions under Arbitration Laws 333 Appendix 1 Second Alternative Clause of Clause 20 of the FIDIC Subcontract 337 Appendix 2 Multi -Party Arbitration Provisions under the Blue Form 351 Appendix 3 Multi -Party Arbitration Clauses under the ENAA Model Form International Contract for Process Plant Construction, 2010 and Related Subcontracts 355 Bibliography 358 Index 381


Dr Dimitar Kondev's book on multi-party and multi-contract arbitration in the construction industry tackles a complex topic, which presents many hurdles in practice. Dr Kondev has successfully accomplished this difficult task. He leads the reader through the intricacies and pitfalls of this subject in an efficient and well-structured manner. He also takes a convincing stance on the most controversial issue and proposes pragmatic and workable solutions to the recurring problems that arise with respect to multi-party arbitration in construction disputes. This book might be of interest not only for practitioners specialised in construction arbitration but also for the arbitration community... In view of the foregoing, there is no doubt that this book is a must read for arbitration practitioners. Let us hope that Dr Kondev s recommendations will be well received and implemented by the practitioners and drafters of international standard forms and arbitration rules. This would be a significant step-forward in enhancing dispute resolution in the construction industry. Fabrice Robert-Tissot, International Business Law Journal (RDAI 2018/1, pp 121-124) This is the first book which deals with multi-party and multi-contract arbitration in the construction sector. In his book, Dr Kondev makes an in-depth analysis of the legal regulation of this type of arbitration contained in the most popular institutional arbitration rules and the arbitration laws of different jurisdictions. The book also offers an up-to-date and thorough review of how multi-party and multi-contract arbitration is dealt with in the most widely used international standard forms of construction contract (such as the FIDIC books, NEC3, etc.) and some domestic standard forms (used mostly in Great Britain, the US and some Scandinavian countries) The book also contains practical guidelines for drafting multi-party arbitration clauses Because of the importance of the matters discussed in this treatise, it would be of great value to lawyers, arbitrators and academics in the field of international commercial arbitration. Society and Law (5/2017, pp 111-112)

Author Biography

Dimitar Kondev, Mag. Jur., LL.M. Ph.D. in Law, MCIArb, MIR, is a lawyer specializing in construction law and dispute resolution. He is an Associate in the International Arbitration Group of White & Case in Paris and a lecturer in International Construction Law at the Aarhus University, Denmark. His practice includes construction law in general, construction disputes and international commercial arbitration. He has experience in various sectors, including commercial development, energy and infrastructure. Dimitar has authored several articles published in the International Construction Law Review, Construction Law International and other journals. He is registered as dispute adjudicator under the Bulgarian list of FIDIC dispute adjudication experts (BACEA National List).

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