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Benjamin's Sale of Goods 10th ed (eBook)

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Author(s): Michael G Bridge;
Classification(s): Commercial law;
ISBN-13: 9780414063976
Publication Date: 31 Oct 2017
Publisher: Sweet & Maxwell Ltd
Publication Country: United Kingdom
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The 10th edition takes in major changes to the law, most importantly:

•    The Res Cogitans case: a highly significant decision that means a supplier of goods reserves title to them pending payment, but permits the recipient to consume some or all of those goods before the property passes, then the contract is not one of sale at all. Benjamin’s Sale of Goods new edition guides you through this case law and its implications for those working in this area.

•    The Consumer Rights Act: this extracts from the Sale of Goods Act all provisions that apply only to consumer sales and also in many but not all instances disapplies the Sale of Goods Act when the contract is a consumer sale. It is imperative for consumer lawyers to learn how to navigate between the two Acts, which makes the expert commentary you can rely upon in Benjamin’s Sale of Goods an absolute necessity, ensuring you get it right for your clients.




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