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Terrell On The Law Of Patents 18e: 1st Supplement (18th edition)

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Author(s): Waugh, Andrew & Mitcheson, Tom;
Classification(s): Patents law;
Readership / Audience Level: Professional & Vocational
ISBN-13: 9780414062320
ISBN-10: 0414062329
Publication Date: 24 Mar 2017
Imprint: Sweet & Maxwell
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Publisher: Sweet & Maxwell
Publication Country: United Kingdom
Binding / Product Type: Supplement
Pages: 130
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The undisputed authority on the law of patents in the United Kingdom, from application to infringement. First published in 1884 and regularly cited in court, Terrell is an essential reference for anyone seeking practical and clear guidance on patent law, practice, and procedure.

1 Patents;
2 The nature of patentable indentions;
3 The application;
4 Entitlement;
5 The granted patent;
6 Supplementary protection certificates;
7 Priority date;
8 The person skilled in the art and common general knowledge;
9 Construction of the specification and claims;
10 Invalidity and the grounds of revocation;
11 Invalidity due to lack of novelty (anticipation);
12 Invalidity due to obviousness (lack of inventive step);
13 Invalidity due to insufficiency;
14 Patent infringement;
15 Amendment of specifications;
16 Devolution, assignments and licences, co-ownership and registration;
17 Compulsory licenses and licenses of right;
19 Action for infringement;
20 The Intellectual Property Enterprise Court;
21 Remedies for infringement;
22 Revocation proceedings;
23 Declaration;
24 Action to restrain threats;
25 Use by the crown. Stamp duty, income tax, etc.;
26 The Unified Patent Court



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