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Archbold: Criminal Pleading, Evidence & Practice 2018 (Inc Supps)

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Classification(s): Criminal law & procedure;
ISBN-13: 9780414062238
Publication Date: 16 Oct 2017
Availability: In Print
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Publisher: Sweet and Maxwell
Publication Country: United Kingdom
Binding / Product Type: Hardback
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New index:

Improvements have been made to the index and layout of Archbold to improve accessibility. In particular, the index has been completely revised for this edition to produce one that is cleaner and clearer. This will ensure that practitioners are able to find the required content easily and quickly, and can see clearly the context in which that topic is discussed as well as where else within the book that topic is also referenced. To ensure easier navigation throughout, headings have been reviewed and revised, and cross-references, abbreviations and lists have been made clearer.

Criminal Procedure Rules and Practice Directions:

The Criminal Procedure Rules 2015 and Criminal Practice Directions 2015 will once again be published in Appendix B of the Supplement. A bookmark that sets out an index of the Criminal Procedure Rules and their Main Work and Appendix paragraph numbers is included with Archbold for the first time. We hope this proves to be yet another useful addition to your service.

Archbold Sentencing Guidelines Supplement:

The introduction last year of the separate Sentencing Guidelines Supplement has proved immensely popular. The advantages of incorporating the original text and page numbering within the paragraphing system to allow easy reference between judge and barrister have been well received, so the updated 2018 edition will be included with your copy of Archbold.




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