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Lowndes & Rudolf: Law Of General Average And The York-Antwerp Rules 15e (15th edition)

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Author(s): Cooke & Cornah;
Classification(s): Shipping law;
Readership / Audience Level: Professional & Vocational
ISBN-13: 9780414057043
ISBN-10: 041405704X
Publication Date: 30 Jun 2018
Imprint: Sweet & Maxwell
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Publisher: Sweet & Maxwell
Publication Country: United Kingdom
Binding / Product Type: Hardback
Pages: 866
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  • Provides detailed, section-by-section commentary on the York-Antwerp Rules
  • Sets out the obligations, rights and entitlements of the various parties in a general average situation governed by English law and/or the York-Antwerp Rules
  • Discusses the various courses of action open to the parties in a general average situation and the effect of taking any of these options on rights and liabilities
  • Covers enforcement of rights in general average
  • Explains underlying principles, each Rule, and also the practical problems which arise in applying them
  • Provides worked examples to throw light on difficult situations
  • Considers General Average within the wider context of marine insurance law
  • Examines the practical implications of the introduction of the Rotterdam Rules
  • Discusses the role of General Average in the current climate of widespread piracy on the high seas
  • Contains forms and materials, including forms of standard security documentation and the Rules of Practice of the Average Adjusters Association
  • Includes the Marine Insurance Clauses

Section 1 - Historical Introduction;
Section 2 - Some Principles of the Law of Carriage by Sea;
Section 3 - The History and Development of the York-Antwerp Rules;
Section 4 - The York-Antwerp Rules 1994 and 2004;
Rule A - Definition of General Average;
Rule B - Tug and Tow;
Rule C - Causation, Consequences and Damage to the Environment;
Rule D - The Effect of Fault;
Rule E - Onus of Proof;
Rule F - Substituted Expenses;
Rule G - Valuation of Losses and Contributory Values, Non-Separation Agreement;
Rule I - Jettison of Cargo;
Rule II - Loss or Damage by Sacrifices for the Common Safety;
Rule III - Extinguishing Fire on Shipboard;
Rule IV - Cutting Away Wreck;
Rule V - Voluntary Stranding;
Rule VI - Salvage Remuneration;
Rule VII - Damage to Machinery and Boilers;
Rule VIII - Expenses Lightening a Ship when Ashore and Consequent Damage;
Rule IX - Cargo, Ship s Materials and Stores Used for Fuel;
Rule X - Expenses at Port of Refuge, Etc.;
Rule XI - Wages and Maintenance of Crew and Other Expenses Putting in t



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