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Website user guide


  1. Introduction
  2. Shop site
  3. Making a purchase
  4. Logging in
  5. CAM
  6. General

                        Regular website features
                        Hammicks Services

 1          Introduction

 Following the upgrade in January 2016, offers our customers a single site combining both our extensive catalogue of legal products – books, e-books and online products, journals and looseleafs, and other non-print services – plus access to our customer account management site, CAM.

 Account customers:

 If you have an account with Hammicks Legal Information Services you will automatically be issued with a login to the full site, including access to your full order history with Hammicks via CAM.

If you open an account you will be issued with login details and will be able to view orders via CAM thereafter.

Cash customers:

If you choose to register to purchase online using your credit or debit card only, you will be issued with a login which will give you full access to our catalogue and your online order history.

If you shop online at but do not wish to register your details with us, we will keep you fully informed about your purchases on an order by order basis as a ‘Guest’ purchaser. A login and password is not required for guest purchases. ‘Guest’ users are not able to access CAM or view their order history.

2          Shop site –

Home page – the home page is constantly updated to provide you with the latest news and events in legal publishing. The main body of the page includes the latest publications, forthcoming titles and most popular titles, together with quick access to our range of e-books (including exclusive access to the Kortext e-book platform) plus subscriptions products.

Don’t forget to take a look at the useful links in the left-hand column.

The navigation bar at the top of the screen gives quick access to our range of products and services, the search menu, your account details and, where applicable, the CAM menu.

Under the Navigation bar is the ‘Quick search’ function – select from the drop-down list if you want to search by product code (eg, ISBN), publisher, author, etc and start to type in the query box.

A list of applicable products will appear as you type. Select the item you require, or click on ‘search’ to see all the listed products on screen.

You can change the sort order and how the products are listed (detailed, list or gallery view), and you can filter the results down using the options at the top of the screen.

Additional search types are available to help if you need more than the basic ‘quick search’. These include: 

Advanced search – target your search by entering a range of specific criteria to reduce the number of products in the results list;

Multiple product search – if you know the product codes you are looking for (ISBN or subscription journal code), you can enter them as a list and search for them all at once. You can even purchase the whole list with one click if you wish!

To help you decide precisely which is the correct item to meet your requirements, we have recently added a ‘Grouped products’ function. This groups the records for similar products together, allowing you to see full details of the alternatives available without having to renew your search.

Hover over the words ‘formats available’, and either ‘add to basket’ or click one of the records to see it in more detail.

You can also view the alternative formats from the individual product records.

3          Making a purchase

 Once you have made your selection you can add items to your basket. You will see ‘in basket’ against anything you have selected, but can continue to shop until you select ‘shopping basket’ at the top of the screen. This will take you to your shopping basket and the start of the checkout process.

On the shopping basket screen you can make amendments to the list – change the quantity, remove items and add you own order reference if required. You can also add a notes for us if you wish to place a specific request or instruction.

If you decide not to purchase one or more of the items in the basket at a particular time, you can move them to your Wish list and save them for later.

If your purchases include Subscriptions products or eBooks, you will see additional messages on screen advising you of the specific conditions which apply to these products.

When you have finalised your order you can proceed to payment – Hammicks account holders have a choice of charging the order to their account or paying by credit/debit card if they wish. Non-account holders must pay by card.

First time purchasers will be required to complete their details including email address, and billing and delivery address – this is made easier by the post-code search facility.

When the purchase is complete you will see an on-screen confirmation message and will also receive an emailed confirmation.

4          Logging in

As a Hammicks account holder or Registered user, you can access more of the website by logging in.

Registered users can maintain their account details (addresses etc), view their order history and track progress with current orders.

In addition to the above, Hammicks account holders can also use the CAM menu to access their full account including orders, subscriptions and standing orders placed outside the website process.

If needed, you can use the ‘Forgotten Password’ process to request a new one.

5          CAM

The CAM menu gives users access to view and manage their Hammicks account – view book orders and standing orders, subscriptions and their delivery addresses. You can also view your transactions history – invoices, credit notes and payments, etc, - and view copies of documents or email them to yourself or a colleague.

Each screen within CAM can be sorted or filtered to help you to view the information you require. You can also email us about any individual item, using the pre-populated email function against each line.

Account transactions - sort or filter to refine the entries on screen. Print or email copy documents or email Hammicks with an enquiry

Subscriptions    - manage the delivery addresses for subscriptions on your account. If a delivery address is no longer in use you can opt to hide it from the current and future sessions;

                        - view subscriptions – select any or all of the available addresses you wish to view the details for in your current session;

                        - sort or filter by delivery address or title, include cancelled subscriptions if required;

                        - ‘drill down’ into the details for any individual record. Print copy documents or email Hammicks with an enquiry.

Purchased books - sort or filter to refine the entries on screen. Print or email copy documents or email Hammicks with an enquiry.

Outstanding book orders - sort or filter to refine the entries on screen.

Standing orders – at a glance details of the next version due on each standing order;

                        - sort or filter to refine the entries on screen, include cancelled orders if required;

                        - ‘drill down’ into the details for any individual record. Print copy documents or email Hammicks with an enquiry.

Note for Power users – the main user on a Hammicks account is designated as the ‘Power User’. As a Power User you have the ability to create additional user logins to your account without needing to request them from the Hammicks team. You can give the new users ‘full’ access to the whole of CAM, or restrict the pages you want them to have access to. Only the Power User and the Hammicks team can create new users or view their details.

If you wish to change the Power User on your account, please let us know.

6          General includes the usual features you would expect from a professional website including:

Contact us

Email us

Terms and Conditions


Postage and delivery charges               

            - check out the links at the bottom of every page!

Last but not least are the features that we know are popular within the legal community:

Hammicks Update – a monthly update covering new and expected publications sorted by category;

New title alert – an irregular email service to keep you informed of new publications as they arrive;

Pupillage discounts for pupils and barristers within three years of call;

Special Offers;

Hammicks Services including PenLib, our library management solution in association with Bailey Solutions.