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Hammicks Library Management

Hammicks library management is a suite of library solutions which focus on the needs of today's information specialists.

Our library solutions are the preferred choice of legal and professional firms, libraries, governments, colleges, charities and institutes around the world.

Whatever the size of your library, managing the influx and outgoing of titles can be almost impossible without a great cataloguing and management system.

Hammicks has teamed up with Bailey Solutions to offer leading library management solutions for the legal profession, designed by a law librarian for law librarians.   We know that not all libraries are the same size or have the same needs, so we have two options to choose from.

Which Hammicks library management solution is right for you?

Hammicks library management Small
Online catalogue of all titles
Simple web based solution – no IT installation
Integrates into intranet and extranet if required ☑˜‘ ☑˜‘
Access via PC or Smartphone ☑˜‘
Automatic record updates ☑˜‘ ☑˜‘
Easy navigation ☑˜‘
Record bibliographic details for all titles
‘AutoCat’ – download online bibliographic data ☑˜‘
Advanced search capability for librarians ☑˜‘ ☑˜‘
Pre-configured catalogue reports ☑˜‘ ☑˜‘
Records orders for new titles ☑˜‘ ☑˜‘
Serials management, including issue tracking ☑˜‘ ☑˜‘
Pre-configured budget reports
Pre-configured management reports ☑˜‘
Full integration and easy navigation ☑˜‘ ☑˜‘
Multi-site workflows   ☑˜‘
Research enquiries tracking  
Knowledge management module   ☑˜‘
Full integration and easy navigation   ☑˜‘
Solution PenLib KnowAll

Take advantage of our intuitive web-based cataloguing system that requires no IT installation and can be accessed by anyone in your firm or chambers and viewed in the office on the go via Smartphone, and know that you are managing your legal information in the best possible way.

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