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Gatley on Libel and Slander: Mainwork and Supplement (11th Revised edition)

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Author(s): Parkes, Richard, QC; Milmo, Patrick, QC; Rogers, W.V.H.;
Classification(s): Defamation law (slander & libel);
ISBN-13: 9781847034939
ISBN-10: 1847034934
Publication Date: 26 Nov 2010
Imprint: Sweet & Maxwell
Availability: In Print
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Publisher: Sweet & Maxwell Ltd
Publication Country: United Kingdom
Binding: Hardback

Written by a team from the Chartered Institute of Patent Attorneys, this is the leading guide to patent law in the UK and is simply a must-have for any practitioner advising on patents. Full clause-by-clause commentary is provided by experts in the field on all the relevant patent legislation; resulting in expert advice on patents to help clients in every industry from pharmaceuticals to computer software. The commentary covers practice and procedure as well as reference to the applicable rules and case law developments. * Complete text of all relevant Patents Legislation including Patents Act, Patents Rules and relevant sections of Copyright, Patents and Designs Acts * Commentary and analysis accompanies each section of each Act * Recognised and respected lay out: Full reproduction of the Section, followed by the relevant rule, followed by Commentary on the section, followed by Practice under the section * Written by leading patent practitioners with the CIPA hallmark of trusted authority - a fully endorsed publication * Extensive analysis of the case law as it relates to each section and provides a clear guide as to what the Courts have decided and why. * Sets out the Acts and related rules section by section with a detailed commentary on each * Presents practical insight into the common technical and legal issues that can arise and shows how best to handle them * Provides references to several thousands of key case decisions * Brings together the work of 24 contributors selected from members of the Bar, the Law Society and the patent attorney profession

Part One - The Defamatory Statement: Introduction;
Defamatory Imputations;
The Form and Meaning of the Defamatory Statement;
Slanders Actionable Per Se;
Slanders Actionable Only on Proof of Special Damage;
Identity of the Person Defamed;
Parties: Who May Sue or Be Sued;
Part Two - Defences: General;
Justification (Truth);
Fair Comment;
Absolute Privilege;
Qualified Privilege at Common Law;
Qualified Privilege: Statute;
Malice and Qualified Privilege;
Rehabilitation of Offenders Act 1974;
Other Defences;
Part Three - Other Causes of Action and Related Matters: Scope of this Part;
Malicious Falsehood;
Other Causes of Action Arising from Statements;
Criminal Libel;
The European Convention on Human Rights and Reputation;
Part Four - The Action;
The Initial Stages;
Interim Injunctions;
Particulars of Claim;
Reply and Defence to Counterclaim;
Apology, Offer of Amends and Compromise;
Pre-trial Applications;
Interlocutory Matters;
The Trial: The Claimant's Case;
The Trial: The Defend



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