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Immigration Practice and Procedure in Family Proceedings

Our Price: £65.00 
Author(s): Finch, Nadine; Shibli, Omar; Vaughan, Anthony;
Classification(s): Family law;
ISBN-13: 9781846610288
ISBN-10: 1846610281
Publication Date: 31 Mar 2013
Imprint: Jordan Publishing Ltd
Availability: In Print
Free Stock: In Stock
Average ratings assigned : 5. Rate this product / View all ratings and comments (1) Ratings / Reviews
Publisher: Jordan Publishing Ltd
Publication Country: United Kingdom
Binding: Paperback
Pages: 240
Dimensions: W: 156 mm / H: 246 mm

This practical new work concentrates on immigration procedures, law and rules relevant to family proceedings, including coverage of local authority responsibility, adoption and relevant caselaw. It uniquely highlights all the relevant issues within particular family law procedures. Appendices contain all key statutory rules, regulations and guidance. Immigration Practice and Procedure in Family Proceedings will be an indispensable practice work for family law practitioners, county courts, immigration adjudicators and local authorities.

First Principles
The Complexities of Immigration Law
The Interface Between Immigration and Family Law
Children's Rights
Entry Clearance
Leave to Remain in the UK
Immigration Control and Entry - Removal and Deportation
Family Reunion under the Immigration Rules
Human Rights
The 1951 Refugee Convention
Protection as a Victim of Human Trafficking
Detention and Bail
Support for Those with no Recourse to Public Funds
Rights to Reside as an EU and EEA National



Author Biography

Caroline Wright Barrister, 29 Bedford Row, London

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