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Blackstone's Magistrates' Court Handbook: 2013

Our Price: £44.95 
Author(s): Keogh, Andrew;
Classification(s): Criminal law & procedure; Courts & procedure;
ISBN-13: 9780199656165
ISBN-10: 0199656169
Publication Date: 6 Sep 2012
Imprint: Oxford University Press
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REPLACED BY: 9780199677634
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Publisher: Oxford University Press
Publication Country: United Kingdom
Binding: Part-work (fasciculo)
Pages: 648
Dimensions: W: 107 mm / H: 187 mm
  • The bestselling complete guide to the magistrates' court
  • Andrew Keogh offers you a practical resource you can trust
  • Pocket-sized format is ideal for everyday use at court
  • Essential extracts from the Magistrates' Court Sentencing Guidelines
  • Cross-referencing to Blackstone's Criminal Practice 2013 guides you to in-depth commentary

New to this edition

  • Coverage of new sentencing guidelines on burglary, drugs, and dangerous dogs
  • Increased material on road traffic offences
  • Expanded coverage of extradition

This new edition of the bestselling Blackstone's Magistrates' Court Handbook provides a complete practical guide for the busy magistrates' court advocate. Incorporating essential extracts from the Magistrates' Court Sentencing Guidelines, Andrew Keogh offers all you need in one trustworthy source.

Covering all the key aspects of magistrates' court practice, the book focuses on the areas most likely to arise at short notice requiring an instant response from the advocate, as well as on those offences most frequently experienced at court, such as public order, drugs, weapons, driving, criminal damage, and sexual offences.

Blackstone's Magistrates' Court Handbook 's easy-to-use pocket-sized format facilitates quick reading and instant decision-making. Tables, flow-charts, and a clear system of icons aid comprehension and speedy navigation. Cross-referencing to Blackstone's Criminal Practice 2013 provides you with easy access to in-depth commentary.

Part A Procedure and Evidence
A1: Abuse of Process
A2: Adjournments
A3: Admissibility and Exclusion of Evidence
A4: Advance Information
A5: Amending Charge
A6: Appeals and Reopening
A7: Bad Character
A8: Bail
A9: Binding Rulings
A10: Case Management
A11: Clerks Retiring with Justices
A12: Commencing Proceedings
A13: Constitution and Jurisdiction
A14: Committal, Sending, and Transfer for Trial
A15: Costs (Defendants)
A16: Court Appointed Legal Representatives
A17: Custody Time Limits
A18: Disclosure
A19: Evidence in Civil Cases
A20: Extradition
A21: Handcuffs Applications
A22: Hearsay
A23: Human Rights
A24: Identification Evidence
A25: Legal Aid
A26: Mental Disorder
A27: Misbehaviour at Court
A28: Mode of Trial, Allocation, and Plea Before Venue
A29: Presence of Defendant in Court
A30: Remand Periods
A31: Reporting Restrictions
A32: Special Measures and Vulnerable Witnesses
A33: Submission of No Case
A34: Transfer of Criminal Cases
A35: Video Links
A36: Warrants
A37: Witnesses, Issue of Summons or Warrant
Part B: Youth Court
B1: General Provisions
B2: Mode of Trial and Allocation
B3: Bail: Young Offenders
B4: Sentencing
Part C: Offences
C1: Animal Offences
C2: Anti-Social Behaviour Order, Breach of
C3: Bail, Failure to Surrender
C4: Communication Network Offences
C5: Criminal Damage
C6: Drugs
C7: Education Act
C8: Fail to Comply with Notification Requirements, Sex Offenders Register
C9: Immigration Offences
C10: Prison Offences
C11: Protective Order, Breach of
C12: Public Order
C13: Road Traffic Offences, Definitions
C14: Road Traffic Offences, Suitable for Fine/Discharge
C15: Sexual Offences
C16: Theft, Fraud, and Evasion
C17: Violence against the person
Part D: Sentencing
D1: Age of Offender
D2: Alteration of Sentence
D3: Anti-Social Behaviour Orders
D4: Banning Orders
D5: Bind Over
D6: Breach of Community Order
D7: Breach of Supervision Order
D8: Committal for Sentence
D9: Committal for Sentence: Dangerous Young Offender
D10: Community Orders and Sentences: General
D11: Community Punishment and Rehabilitation Orders
D12: Community Punishment Order
D13: Community Rehabilitation Order
D14: Compensation Order
D15: Conditional and Absolute Discharge
D16: Confiscation, Proceeds of Crime Act 2002
D17: Custodial Sentences
D18: Dangerous Offenders
D19: Deferment of Sentence
D20: Deportation, Automatic
D21: Deprivation Order
D22: Detention and Training Order
D23: Detention in Young Offender Institution
D24: Detention under Section 91 PCC(S)A 2000
D25: Discounts for Early Plea
D26: Disqualification from Driving
D27: Disqualification of Company Directors
D28: Drinking Banning Order
D29: Exclusion from Licensed Premises
D30: Exclusion Order
D31: Financial Circumstances Order
D32: Financial Reporting Order
D33: Fines
D34: Forfeiture Order
D35: Guardianship and Hospital Orders
D36: Newton Hearings
D37: Offences Taken into Consideration
D38: Parenting Order
D39: Parents and Guardians, Liability and Responsibility
D40: Penalty Points for Driving Offences
D41: Prescribed Minimum Sentences
D42: Pre-Sentence Drug Testing
D43: Pre-Sentence Reports
D44: Previous Convictions
D45: Prosecution Costs
D46: Racially and Religiously Aggravated Crimes
D47: Referral Orders
D48: Remand to Hospital for Reports
D49: Remitting a Juvenile
D50: Reparation Order
D51: Restitution Order
D52: Restraining Order
D53: Return to Custody
D54: Sentencing Guidelines Issued by Sentencing Council
D55: Sexual Offences Notification Requirements
D56: Sexual Offences Prevention Order
D57: Sexual Orientation or Disability
D58: Supervision Order
D59: Surcharge Order
D60: Suspended Sentences
D61: Time on Remand
D62: Youth Rehabilitation Order: Criminal Justice and Immigration Act 2008
Appendix 1: Application for Costs Against Convicted Defendants
Appendix 2: Bar Council Guidance: Court Appointed Legal Representatives
Appendix 3: Penalty Notices for Disorder
Appendix 4: Criminal Procedure Rules 2011
Appendix 5: Relevant Offences for the Purposes of Special Measures Direction
Appendix 6: Fraud Guideline
Appendix 7: Legal Aid, Sentencing and Punishment of Offenders Act 2012
Appendix 8: Dangerous Dogs Sentencing Guideline



Author Biography

Andrew Keogh, Partner, Keogh Solicitors


Andrew Keogh is a criminal solicitor running his own firm specializing in criminal and regulatory work. He is the founder and editor of CrimeLine - a free weekly criminal law updater with over 18,000 subscribers. He has authored a number of books and is a contributor to OUP's Blackstone's Criminal Practice, and Criminal Costs: A Practical Guide.

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