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Safeguarding Adults and the Law (2nd Revised edition)

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Author(s): Mandelstam, Michael;
Classification(s): Social welfare & social services; Social security & welfare law; Law as it applies to other professions;
Readership / Audience Level: Further/Higher Education;Professional & Vocational
ISBN-13: 9781849053006
ISBN-10: 1849053006
Publication Date: 15 Mar 2013
Imprint: Jessica Kingsley Publishers
Availability: In Print
Free Stock: In Stock
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Publisher: Jessica Kingsley Publishers
Publication Country: United Kingdom
Binding / Product Type: Paperback
Pages: 640
Dimensions: W: 173 mm / H: 246 mm

The protection of vulnerable adults is an increasingly important issue right across health and social care. Safeguarding Adults and the Law , now in its second edition, sets this complex area of work within a comprehensive legal framework and provides extensive guidance for practitioners and students. The book covers Department of Health guidelines, human rights, the regulation of health and social care providers, the barring of carers from working with vulnerable adults, care standards tribunal cases, mental capacity, undue influence, assault, battery, wilful neglect, ill treatment, manslaughter, murder, theft, fraud, sexual offences, data protection and the sharing of information. It focuses on how these areas of law apply to vulnerable adults, and brings together an extensive body of case law to illustrate this. Also covered is how local authorities and the NHS may themselves be implicated in the harm - through abuse, neglect or omission - suffered by vulnerable adults. This fully-updated second edition comprehensively reflects recent changes to the law, and includes many new case studies. This book will be an essential resource for all those working in community care, adult social work, health care and housing. Those working for local authorities, the NHS, voluntary organisations and students will find it to be essential reading.


1. Overview of Themes and Chapters.;

2. Safeguarding Law and Policy.;

3. Proportionate Interventions, the State, Human Rights (and Discrimination Law).;

4. Local Social Services Authorities: Pivotal Role in Safeguarding.;

5. The National Health Service: Law, Policy and Guidance on Safeguarding.;

6. The National Health Service: Systemic Poor Care and Neglect.;

7. Regulation of Health and Social Care Providers.;

8. Regulation of Health and Social Care Professionals.;

9. Barring Workers: the Disclosure and Barring Service.;

10. Regulating Workers: Criminal Record Certificates.;

11. Irregular Regulation: Whistle-blowing.;

12. Mental Capacity.;

13. Inherent Jurisdiction of the High Court.;

14. Interventions and Removal of People from their own Homes (Including in Circumstances of Self-neglect).;

15. Civil Orders and Housing Matters.;

16. Sharing and Disclosure of Personal and Other Information.;

17. Criminal Justice: Prosecution, Evidence, Protecting Victims and Coroners.;

18. Criminal Justice Support for Vulnerable Victims and Witnesses.;

19. Criminal Justice Assistance for Vulnerable Suspects.;

20. Physical Harm and Abuse: Criminal Offences.;

21. Sexual Offences.;

22. Financial Harm and Abuse: Criminal Offences.;

23. Undue Influence: Gifts, Wills (Law of Equity).;

24. Harm and Civil Wrongs, Including Negligence.;

25. Restraint. References. Inde




Author Biography

Michael Mandelstam has worked independently for thirteen years providing legal training, advice and consultancy to local authorities, the NHS and voluntary organisations. Prior to this, he worked at the Disabled Living Foundation, a national voluntary organisation, before moving to the Social Services Inspectorate at the Department of Health. He holds postgraduate qualifications in law, information studies and the history of science and medicine.

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